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BONUS POST #1!!!!!

First, I have some news. I’ve decided that at least once every two weeks, there is going to be a bonus post. Bonus posts won’t be as long as normal posts and will have less tips, but, they will still have a lot of content. Second, enjoy the first bonus post!

Quite a bit ago I started a new wold in minecraft. I had spawned in this giant snowy tundra and didn’t see much but one spruce tree in the distance. I went over to the tree and punched it down to make some wooden tools. By the way, I don’t really get how it’s logical to punch down a tree and not get a broken fist. Weird. Anyways, I just ran around for a while and in a little bit I found a cave and mined up some stone, then it was night time and since I didn’t have a bed or armor, I was smart and cowered behind a wall for the entire night. In the morning I explored and wandered around for a while then I found a village! ”YES!! A VILLAGE! I’M SAVED!!!” I ran twoards it excited to meet the villagers, but not excited about their probably steep prices. I got to the village and saw a villager.The villager looked at me and said ”Harr.” Alright, I guess they like to make weird noises. I then searched every house, hoping to steal, uhhh, BORROW some of their stuff. I then found a chest with some coal and potatoes, I thought those were good things to BORROW, so I took them. I harvested their crops for them because the farmers were too busy sleeping in. I then replanted the crops and saw that there was a pillager outpost nearby and I decided to check it out. WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!?!? I was gonna go into an outpost full of armed guards with… NO ARMOR AND A STONE SWORD. And basically nothing else. So, yeah. That was real smart. But, let’s just say I got out uninjured and the guards didn’t. So, of course, the remaining guards got some friends of theirs and started a raid on the village. All for payback, wow, those guys hold grudges. Let’s just say after the first wave of the raid I was fine and after the second wave, that minecraft world wasn’t a thing anymore.

4 tips for defeating a raid

1) Have at least a full set of iron armor and an iron sword or better. The pillagers and vindicators in the raid can do a lot of damage if not dealt with properly.

2) Bring a shield. Even if you have iron gear or better, it’s hard to survive in a raid without a shield.

3) Bring some guards. Bringing iron golems and dogs to the raid is very helpful in harder levels of raids.

4) Bring arrows and ranged weapons. The very dangerous mobs that can spawn in raids, such as vindicators, ravagers, and vexes are best dealt with by using a ranged weapon because they all do up close attacks at you.

I hope you enjoyed the first bonus post! See you next time!

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