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POST #2: Getting Netherite! (Not really)…

In this adventure, I am writing about a world that I’ve been playing for a while, so that's why I’m going to be talking a lot about overpowered loot and stuff. “Woohoo! I finally got full diamond gear! Yeah!” By the way, that's me talking to myself. Now all I need is an enchanting table setup and netherite. I decided to go and hunt, Ahem, FIND some leather. But then I realized an overgrown forest isn’t such a good place to find cows. All the wolves probably ate them. “Darn, this is gonna be hard…” I kept thinking. But then I found a cow! “Yes! It dropped some leather!” I looked at how much leather I got. “One. Great. Only 44 more to go.” I decided to turn my search to the nether, where there would be hoglins that would drop, Uhhh, I mean KINDLY DONATE some leather to my cause. I got distracted trading with piglins, but they did give me leather in exchange for gold. I searched around a soul sand valley for a little bit, then, I found a GIANT bastion remnant! Of course, I had to get distracted. Luckily, it was a farming bastion, so I could snatch some leather from the farming pens… That didn’t work out well because giant pigs with tusks actually turn out to be dangerous! I searched around the rest of the bastion, kind of afraid that a giant husked pig AKA, hoglin, would pierce me. I found a chest and opened it expecting to find something like gold, arrows, or string but I found something better; LEATHER!!!!!! “Nice!” I said to myself. Then I saw a piglin with a golden axe looking straight at me. “Uhhhh, I should probably get out here, heh heh. I said eyeing the creepy piglin. I did have all the leather I needed so it would have been okay to get out of there. I went back to my nether portal, hoping a ghast wouldn’t decide he’d like to shoot a fireball at me. I got transported to my little cave base when I came out of the portal. I put my loot in my chest, then went back to the nether, this time to mine for netherite. I started hacking at the flammable netherack below my feet. After a little while I found myself staring down a hole into a lava lake. “Well that's great,” I said still staring down the hole. It took me a while but I figured out how to continue mining without getting broiled. I kept mining forward without going down at all, and eventually, I found myself once again, surrounded by netherack. I started to mine down again and after a while, I saw lava about 6 blocks below me. “Darn. I guess I’m not getting netherite for a while.”


1) Bring lots of gold. This is useful because you can either barter with piglins, or distract them while stealing from their chests in bastion remnants.

2) Bring a bow or crossbow. Ghasts are giant flying octopuses that shoot fireballs at you. These ranged weapons are very effective against them.

3) Wear your best armor. Only one sentence is needed. The nether has some pretty angry mobs.

4) Have a shield. Lots of those angry mobs shoot projectiles or have swords.

5) Have at least 4 empty inventory slots. There are a lot of cool things to collect in the nether. 6) Bring a stack of non-flammable blocks. There are many obstacles in the nether and blocks like cobblestone can help you traverse those obstacles.

Goodbye! I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures and hearing my tips! See you in my next post!

This blog is a work of fiction and fanfiction. It is not an official Minecraft blog. It is not endorsed, sponsored, authorized, or supported, by Mojang AB, Microsoft Corp., or any other entity owning or controlling rights to the Minecraft name, trademarks, or copyrights.

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